Need a taxi in or near Zwolle?

In everyday life, transport is on our mind; transport of passengers mainly.
We are a young and personal taxi company, feeling very strongly about customer service. Both our passengers and our drivers are individuals, with personal wishes and ideas. Each of our customer-friendly, decent drivers possesses all documents, required to work in the transport of passengers-branch.

We operate in accordance with the statutory regulations. Our inspected and well-kept cars are your visiting card. Furthermore, we apply a fast drive-up service, clear agreements and price quotations.

RM Taxi Zwolle gives you the opportunity to pay with your credit or bank card, we now have 4 mobile PIN machine in use. Would you like to use this service during the weekend, please indicate this on your reservation.

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    Manager transport

    We are specialised in manager- and business transport. When you have to receive business relations or you need reliable transport yourself, you have come to the right address. We make sure everything is done in time and that you do not have to worry about a thing yourself. We make clear agreements with you and/or the company you are working for, to avoid misunderstandings. You can fully rely on us and we will do anything to make the transport for yourself and/or your customers as comfortable as possible. As we mentioned before on this website, all of our drivers are representative and speak refined Dutch and at least basic English. Our fleet of cars is maintained on a daily basis, so can be picked up in a decent and claen car at any time.
    All our cars are fitted out with a navigation system. We are devoted to our customers’ wishes.

    65+ discount

    If you are 65+, we can offer you a 20% discount for using our services. It’s obvious that in the case you are not mobile, we will be as helpful as possible.


    If you are going on a holiday and you have to get to the airport, or when you have to pick someone up at the airport, you can count on us. We make an agreement about the price and we bring you to the airport entrance. So no extra inconveniences for you, such as finding a parking place, dragging suitcases around, etc… A nice way to start your holiday! It’s obvious that in the case you are not mobile, we will help you carrying your suitcases inside.

    Individual transport

    A client is not “just” a client, but an individual person with his/her personal wishes and demands. This also counts for you.

    You would like to go out or visit some friends. You give us a call and we are at your service. We apply a fast drive-up service and in case we were not able to make this treu we will be honestand tell you this immediately. We transport you in a safe manner to wherever you want. You are able to make a reservation. We will be at the corresponded place and dat/hour. If you need transport to a certain place/address on a regular basis, we can make you a price proposal.

    Insurance transport

    Individual insurance transport or National Health Service transport:

    What many of you may not know, there is a choice in which taxi company you should bring to the hospital (f.e. for daily treatment or a couple of times per month). Wouldn’t it be nicer to drive with a company of your own choice instead of the one your insurance company prefers? Therefore, you can let your insurance company know that you prefer to be transported with our company. The reason might be that you already know us, or perhaps you just prefer our company above any other. In close consideration and with permission of your insurance company, from now on you can be transported with our taxi company.
    We make agreements about the time and destination and we take you there and bring you back home. We can wait there for you, if you wish so. Afterwards, the invoice will be sent to you or directly to your insurance company. You can claim this to your insurance company and you only have to pay us, after the insurance company paid the amount to you first. We do not make a problem about this. We guarantee privacy and comfortable transport.

    Contact information

    RM Taxi Zwolle
    Popovstraat 21
    8013 RK Zwolle

    Phone.: 038-4204220
    E-mail: info@rmtaxi-zwolle.nl